Registration in SisA and Mobility Online

After receiving confirmation of the Education Committee, the student registers their Master’s thesis topic and promoter(s) through SisA by the last week of classes of the second semester at the latest. The manual to register a dissertation request in SiSA can be found here. 

When the topic and promoter have been correctly registered through SisA, the next step is to register the research internship as part of the Master’s Thesis. The start of the registration of the research internship is done in SisA and completed in Mobility Online. Only once this registration is completed, the student is covered by the university’s insurance during their internship.

The manual to register the research internship in Mobility Online can be found here (after login). When asked about the internship supervisor at the University of Antwerp (this is the person authorised to sign the internship agreement ton behalf of the University of Antwerp), please fill in prof. Tom Tytgat. Be aware that the research internship is regarded as an internal internship, since there is a framework agreement between the three universities as part of this interuniversity programme.

The registration procedure (including the upload of all mandatory documents) must be finalised at the latest four weeks before the actual start of the research internship. If the research internship takes place during the summer holidays the registration needs to finalised before 31st of May!


If you have any questions relating to the registering the research internship (Mobility Online), please contact the Faculty Student Administration through the Helpdesk.