Allocation of thesis topics

The Education Committee screens and approves the choices of the students by

  • Mid-March for thesis topics with a research project abroad and students’ own topic proposals
  • Mid-May for thesis topics without a research project abroad

 If a student is the only one to choose a thesis topic proposed by a potential promoter, the topic is automatically assigned to this student. If several students choose the same subject, the promoter makes the final decision based on contact with the student. Students who cannot obtain a topic after this first round will be given another chance in the second round.

 The allocation of a thesis topic implies a commitment from both parties: on the one hand, the student commits to undertaking the chosen topic, and on the other hand, the promoter commits to ensuring that the student will be able to carry out this topic.

It is advised that the student contacts their promoter after the allocation of the thesis topic, considering the following aspects:

  • Make clear and concrete agreements regarding the start date of the research. Some research groups, for example, organize a kick-off moment in September. Also, indicate whether you may still have to take a second session exam and when your internship is scheduled.
  • Do you have a special status and associated facilities? Make this known to your promoter(s) and supervisor(s) so they can take this into account.
  • Discuss with your promoter whether you need ethical approval for your research or if confidentiality will apply.