final assessment of the master’s thesis

The final assessment of the Master’s thesis is done by the promoter(s) (the promoter, the co-promoter (if applicable) and two assessors.

The final assessment consists of three components, each with a different weight:

Component by Weight
1. The written report

30% by the promoter

15% per assesor

2. The student’s performance and growth process during the execution of the Master’s thesis promoter(s) 20%
3. Oral presentation and defence Jury, consisting of the chair, the promoter(s) and the assessors 20%

The evaluators use specific evaluation forms to determine a grade. There is a form for each component and each form is divided into different criteria. The jury establishes a score by consensus for each component. The jury also establishes the final grade of the course Master’s Thesis, including research internship, which is a weighted average of the partial scores of the components or deviates from this if justified by and with consensus of all jury members. The student receives feedback from the chair of the jury for each component, but only the final grade is communicated to the student.

! Regarding fraud and plagiarism, article 15 of the Education and Examination Regulations of the University of Antwerp applies in full.