Submitting a thesis topic

Every year in October, the Master SUBE launches a call for Master’s thesis topics for the next academic year.

A thesis topic must be related to a urban environmental challenge and be framed within one or more of the Master’s CityLabs (for more information on the three CityLabs: see the study information). To be able to provide appropriate guidance, it is important that the topic be sufficiently embedded in ongoing research. The research internship can be done abroad.

The conditions for the promoters and supervisors can be found here.

The Master’s thesis focuses on the further development of the students’ research competences in an academic setting. Therefore, the Master SUBE doesn’t offer master’s theses with a promoter from an external company/organisation/institution. This is covered in the course Professional Internship, where students undertake a well-defined assignment at a company within the Master’s professional field.  

After screening and approval by the Education Committee, the proposed thesis topics are made available to students after the information session in December.

Find out more about the allocation of the thesis topics here.