The Master of Bioscience Engineering: Sustainable Urban Bioscience Engineering is jointly organised by the University of Antwerp (coordinator), Ghent University and KU Leuven. Courses will take place on the campuses of these three universities. Discover the main campuses for this Master’s programme.

University of Antwerp: Department of Bioscience Engineering (Faculty of Science), Campus Groenenborger

Ghent University: Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Campus Coupure

KU Leuven: Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Campus Arenberg Kasteelpark

How to get around?

Since we value sustainability in this master’s programme, we recommend travelling between the campuses via public transport as much as possible. You can check which formula suits you best via the website of the NMBS (Belgian train company). Are you younger than 26? Then the Student Multi pass (formerly known as Campus card) is probably the most advantageous. To apply for this pass, you need proof of registration at all three institutions: main registration at the University of Antwerp and a guest registration at Ghent University and KU Leuven. On the main registration, it should be stated that this master’s programme is jointly organized by these three universities.