Choosing a thesis topic

There are two ways to choose a thesis topic: students can

   (1) choose one of the topics that are proposed by potential promoters; or

   (2) submit their own proposal for a research topic and promoter.

1. A topic proposed by potential promoters

After the information session, a list of potential research topics will be provided. The list of potential master’s thesis topics for 2024-2025 can be found on the Student Portal (after login).


  • Don’t waste your time and contact the promoter(s) of the thesis topic(s) of your choice as soon as possible!
  • Contact the promoter(s) of at least two thesis topics.

Students submit their first and second choice through this online form before the deadline:

  • 1 February 2024 for thesis topics with a research internship abroad;
  • 15 April 2024 for thesis topics without a research internship abroad.

For each submitted topic, it is required to have contacted the promoter. If the first round is not sufficient, a second round will be organised.

2. Own proposal of thesis topic and promoter

Students wishing to submit an own thesis topic, must take the following conditions into account:

  • A thesis topic must be related to (an) urban environmental challenge(s) and must be framed within one or more CityLabs.
  • The student can demonstrate that the thesis topic can be embedded in current research and that sufficient supervision can be provided. The student provides his/her own promoter (for the conditions of promoters, see here).
  • The proposal of research topic must contribute to the realisation of the learning outcomes of the course Master’s Thesis, including research internship (see Study programme).

Proposals for own thesis topics can be submitted through this online form with the approval of the promoter by 1 February 2024. The Education Committee will discuss the proposal. If not approved, the student can still sign up for one of the topics proposed by potential promoters (see option above).

Thesis research abroad

There are several possibilities for doing your research internship abroad. More information on options, grants, deadlines, application is available here (after login).

Students who wish to conduct their research internship abroad cannot have re-examinations in the summer term prior to the academic year the student is taking the master’s thesis. If this is the case, another research topic will be appointed. Exemption of this rule is when the research internship can begin in the second semester.