Roles and expectations of different parties

Responsibilities of the student

The student demonstrates a high degree of independence, both in the preparation and the implementation of the internship. The student applies for the internship position and is responsible for coordinating with the internship supervisor about the content of the internship and the internship planning. In case of practical or organisational difficulties, the student addresses the internship coordinator. The student is responsible for the signing of the internship agreements.

Students behave in a professional manner during the internship, taking into account the code of conduct and common rules that apply within the internship organisation. This includes the following

  • correct and polite use of language;
  • attention for any dress code on the work floor;
  • professional and polite behaviour, both towards the internship supervisor and other colleagues, secretaries, …..

The students sign an internship agreement that may contain a confidentiality clause. Lack of respect for this confidentiality commitment can have far-reaching consequences, both with regard to the possibility of continuing/completing the Master’s programme, and with regard to the internship organisation and/or professional association and/or government authorities involved (e.g. payment of damages, prohibition to exercise the profession, refusal of diploma).

Agreements made must be respected. Repeated delays are not appreciated by the internship supervisor and may lead to unilateral termination of the internship.

In case of illness or absence, the student must inform the internship supervisor. Unauthorised absence may lead to termination of the internship.


If the student experiences problems with the supervisor(s), they can contact one of the ombuds persons.

Guidance by the internship supervisor

In the internship organisation, the internship supervisor coordinates the organisation of the internship. The internship supervisor is also the main point of contact for both the student and the internship coordinator and academic supervisor.

The internship supervisor is in charge of supervising the internship within the internship organisation.

This includes:

  • reviewing the internship proposal;
  • the pedagogical guidance;
  • giving instructions, guidelines and feedback;
  • supervising the functioning of the student during the internship;
  • reading and evaluating the internship report;
  • being present for and evaluating the presentation.

In addition, in the internship organisation, one or more internship mentor(s) may be responsible for the daily follow-up and practical guidance of the student.

Guidance by the academic supervisor

The Education Committee appoints an academic supervisor for each internship. The academic supervisor is an academic with a doctoral degree, affiliated with the Department of Bioscience Engineering (University of Antwerp), the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (Ghent University) or the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (KU Leuven). The expertise of the academic supervisor is closely related to the topic of the internship.

The academic supervisor is responsible for the follow-up of a specific internship. This includes supervising the internship by reading the intermediate account and  evaluating the internship report.

Assistance by the internship coordinator of the Master SUBE

The internship coordinator is a member of the Department of Bioscience Engineering (University of Antwerp) and is part of the interuniversity Educational Committee (OC), which is responsible for screening and approving the internship proposals. If necessary, advice is requested from the Ethics Committee Science and Technology (Dual Use) of the University of Antwerp.

The internship coordinator should:

  • resolve and remedy practical disputes;
  • supervise the quality of the submitted reports;
  • discuss all kinds of practical problems;
  • monitor the proportionate workload at the internship sites;
  • monitor and update the database of internships;
  • organise an intermediate contact moment with the internship supervisor;
  • maintain contacts with (potential) internship organisations.

The internship coordinator of the Master SUBE is Géraldine Godts and can be contacted through .