Securing an internship & formulating an internship proposal

Securing an internship

After the information session, the student can start applying for an internship position of their choice. They can choose out of a list of interested internship providers put together by the Master SUBE, or propose an own internship provider.

Please be aware that the overview above is generated over a period of time. That means that contacting a company/organization from the overview does not necessarily guarantee an internship placement for the coming academic year. It is therefore encouraged to contact at least two internship organisations.

! The internship cannot take place in an academic setting, in the own company/organisation/institution or in a family-related company/organisation/institution where a family member up to the third degree works within the department or group where the internship takes place or as a supervisor.

It is the student’s responsibility to apply for and secure the internship position. It is up to the internship organisation to select a student as an intern.

Formulating an internship proposal

During this application process the student will work out a specific internship proposal, together with the internship organisation. When formulating an internship proposal, all parties take into account the following criteria:

  • A good internship is relevant and representative for the Master’s programme. That means it’s linked to urban sustainability and/or environmental challenges and it focuses on engineering aspects in addressing these challenges.
  • The internship assignment can be an active participation in the daily activities of the team or a project-related internship. In the first case, the student is assigned different tasks that are part of the functioning of the team and correspond to the work of an equivalent worker. In a project-related internship, the student is giving the opportunity to follow and concretely work on a (part of a) specific project from start to finish.
  • In both internship options, administrative tasks can be part of the internship assignment. It is important that these are in proportion to the other activities of the internship, more related to the engineering aspects of the assignment. An internship assignment that only consists of administrative tasks will not be accepted.
  • Finally, it is important that the student can work out (a number of) tasks independently and with some responsibility during the internship.

When formulating an internship proposal, the student will review it with their academic supervisor to ensure alignment with the course objectives. This review can be facilitated through the shared mailbox Depending on which CityLab the internship relates to most, a dedicated academic supervisor will provide feedback.

When this process is concluded, the internship proposal is completed using the form below and submitted to the internship coordinator through  before the deadline:

  • 31st of March 2024 for internships taking place during the summer holiday or in the first semester;
  • 8th of September 2024: exceptional additional deadline for internships taking place during the first semester
  • 13th of October 2024 for internships taking place during the second semester.

Doing your internship abroad

There are several possibilities for doing your internship abroad. More information on options, grants, deadlines, application is available here (after login).